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      We Create Communication of New Age!


      Company Name
      1PAC. INC.
      Tokyo office
      5-51-14 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      Osaka office
      WOB NISHIUMEDA 1502, 6-18-18 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
      Date Founded
      January 23, 2008
      President: Junya Abe
      Vice President: Masanori Kondo
      Vice President: Fuyuki Hara
      Tatsuo Tanahashi
      Legal Advisor
      Masaki Ishibashi
      Bank of Account
      Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ, Nakameguro Branch
      22 (as of 04/01/2014)
      8,000,000 JPY
      Service Domain
      - Consulting and production of business communication strategy
      - Consulting and production of business creativity
      - Planning, production and operation of websites
      - Planning and production of music, videos, graphics, products and books
      - Event planning and operation
      - System development and network building
      - Planning, production, sales and rental of character products
      - Any related services to the above
      - Planning and operation of digital media
      Major Clients
      • AXIS Inc. 
    1. Alike Co., Ltd. 
    3. Kao Corporation 
    4. Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. 
    5. Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. 
    6. Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. 
    7. Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. (Shinwa Agency Co., Ltd.) 
    8. Dentsu Inc. 
    9. Panasonic Corporation 
    10. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. 
    11. NEC Corporation 
    12. Monex Group, Inc. 
    13. Monex, Inc. 
    14. Monex FX, Inc. 
    15. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (iPLANET Incorporated) 
    16. RECRUIT CO.,LTD. 
    17. YANMAR Co., Ltd. 
    18. Wacoal Corp.
    19. Affiliated Group
      Web Advertising Bureau
      5 minutes walk from Sangubachi Station, Odakyu Line
      8 minutes walk from Osaka Station Sakurabashi Exit


      Create HOT in "Mind" and "Body"

      We all had it when we were kids.
      It begins to fade away as we grow old.
      It surely lived in us, but we left it somewhere.

      We used to face ourselves,
      with emotions and feelings, which used to rejoice, feel anger, sad and happy.

      1PAC. INC. cherishes such "time we all had hot mind and body".


      ”We Create Communication of New Age!”

      In recent years, a role of the digital filed keeps expanding. 1PAC. INC., aims to become a communication support company centered on the digital field which supports an end-user and a company, also between companies, while strengthening its role as a production. We promise to create new values in society with clients through the power of creative and technology.


      1PAC., INC. is a creative production which has an edge on the "Field of Digital Interactive". We combine people, idea, technology, and goods in various ways to support a client's solution making and new challenges through power of designs and creative.

      We design the “role of communication” from end-users’ needs, insights, and clients’ business requirements, and by providing fruitful experience and value, we establish a better relationship.

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