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      "HOT" Members of 1PAC.INC.

      CEO / Creative Director

      Junya Abe

      Born in Miyagi prefecture, 1974. In an automaker, he worked as a user interface engineer, then as a designer and a technical director in its IT division. From 2004, he was involved with many website projects as creative director in Tokyo-based advertising agency/production. In 2008, he found 1PAC. INC. Received various awards, such as Tokyo Interactive Ad Award and Good Design Awards, etc.
      Managing Director

      Masanori Kondo

      After working as a freelancer on production of DTP and websites, he joined a web production company and involved in development and direction, especially for structure-design, production and operation of corporate sites. To make the most of his backgrounds, he joined the establishment of the creative production 1PAC. INC. in January 2008. He works as a technical director in the company.
      Creative Director

      Fuyuki Hara

      Involved in various creative such as graphic design, editorial design, package design, CD-ROM, and websites as a designer and director. Established a creative production 1PAC. INC. on January 2008. Received various awards, such as Tokyo Interactive Ad Award and Good Design Awards, etc.
      Project Manager / Director

      Daisuke Yoshimori

      Born in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo in 1979. Quintessential Tokyoite, but he doesn't enjoy a fire nor fighting at the drop of a hat. These days, he feels he is more soft-hearted. In 1PAC. he is in charge of direction, Flash Authoring, and video editing. His hobby is drinking, cooking, and driving. Received a Good Design Award.
      Director / Designer

      Sho Kuwabara

      Born in 1985, Hamamatsu city. Went to a master course of Media Arts in Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). He met our company head Abe when he exhibited his project at Make:TokyoMeeting03. He joined 1PAC upon graduation. Loves "Back to the Future" and beer.
      Technical Director

      Yosuke Doke

      Graduated so-and-so art university. After so-and-so fun-loving company, he joined 1PAC in 2013. In charge of the implementation and overall direction of the front-end such as Flash/ActionScript. In other, he is a chairman of the creators’ networking event “Gohan to Flash” (Food with Flash). Currently participating in the operation of the volunteer group “F-site”.
      Chief Engineer

      Hiromichi Haruna

      Born and raised in Osaka. After so-and-so fun-loving company, he joined 1PAC at the timing of the Osaka office launch. Mainly undertakes server side and infrastructure. Enjoy life-hack as hobby. He thinks things will go just fine with placebo effects.

      Yasuhiro Muraji

      Born in Fukui, 1984. Joined the web industry when he was enjoying the early iMac. Having learned information processing, he found a job in Nagoya, and joined 1PAC in 2013. Mainly undertakes direction. Enjoys listening to music and making quiche. He is a laughing drunk.

      Ryoya Chihara

      Born 1990 and raised in Tokyo. He grew up in a residential complex by a canal, feeling free and easy. Somewhere along the line, he has hoped to be a designer. He practiced to be a designer at his own pace and arrived where he is now. He enjoys playing basketball, reading and visiting art museums.
      Project Manager / Director

      Yuya Hirose

      Born and raised in Yokohama. After experience in Izakayas and Web Production Company, he joined 1Pac as a Director. He's active in non-existent Corporation - Vice President, participated in Redbull AR Animation Contest and winning AR 3 Brothers Prize. He loves beer and big baths.

      Yuya Ito

      Now writing...

      Hiroshi Goto

      Now writing...
      Art Director

      Masafumi Inaba

      Born in Mie. After living in the U.S and Tokyo, he has moved to London and worked as a designer in a design agency for 4years. While he was in London, he has done many projects including print and digital for major European clients. In late 2015, he decided to go back to japan and got a job as an art director at 1Pac. He loves guessing typefaces in a town.
      Front-End Engineer

      Yuko Yuza

      Born in Tokyo. After majored information processing course at college, she had worked as a programmer. She has changed her career from a back-end engineer to a front-end engineer. Loves cats and dogs. She also loves drinking at home by herself and getting drunk.

      Kana Ohno

      Born in Fukushima. After graduated from college, she had her first career in a fashion industry and now she works in a web industry. She loves nature and cannot help herself going out time to time.

      Tran Van Dien

      Born in Vietnam. He moved to Japan when he was 18, and studied Japanese and IT in university. He joined 1Pac as a server-side engineer in 2016. Loves cats and watching action movies by himself.
      Front-End Engineer

      Keiji Nakano

      Born in Fukushima, 1988. After he worked in a design company and became a freelance, he joined 1Pac in April, 2017. He majored in Law in university, but he had more interest on web and became a creator. His hobby is thinking and making rules.

      Yoshinori Ohshimo

      Born in Gifu and currently lives in Osaka. He joined 1Pac as a server-side engineer in 2017. Loves aranziaronzo, humbert humbert, and theater.

      Hanae Kataoka

      Born in Tokyo. After graduated from University, which focuses on digital contents, she joined 1Pac. Loves theater and spending time in train. Her favorite food is a pickled plum.
      Public Relations / Assistant Director

      Kanako Yamaji

      Born in Tokyo. After graduated from college, she has worked in a fashion industry and joined 1Pac after that. Currently she studies web little by little. Her favorite things are sea, Gyoza, denim.
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