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      Mitsubishi Electric
      "from Antarctica"


      Mitsubishi Electric "from Antarctica"

      About Project

      Mitsubishi Group presents new contents: from Antarctica. An extensive interview of 2 Mitsubishi employees who as Team Winter Antarctica, were deployed to Antarctica for the PANSY Project* (Antarctica Atmosphere Radar Installation).


      As part of internal and external communications platform, Mitsubishi Group website: from ME, under the category of “People and History”, comes “from 5 Continents”, which showcases Mitsubishi employees all over the globe, presents from Antarctica - from 5 Continents special contents microsite.

      This project presents all global Mitsubishi Electronics have become, with outstretch as far as to extreme lands such as Antarctica. Photos of Antarctica were taken with help of the 2 interviewees.

      To present the scale of the project, the importance fell on the design, where white space and long pages were built to generate feel of a massive journey, beautiful photos taken by the interviewees and carefully selected for the website, as well as the site interaction.

      *PANSY Project
      The joint research project by the University of Tokyo, National Institute of Polar Research, Kyoto University.
      Antarctica's first attempt of recorded history to install 1,045 lines of antenna on large radars near Syowa Station area, to observe the whole state of the atmosphere up to about 500km in the sky.


      Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


      iPLANET Incorporated




      Hideo Miyagi(CD)
      Tan, Kayleigh(AD,Ds)
      Yuka Nishida(TD, Me)
      Hiroshi Nakagawa(TD)

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