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      Rebranding & Renewal


      NEC WISDOM Rebranding & Renewal

      About Project

      We were tasked with the project to rebrand and renew NEC Corporation’s business information website: "WISDOM". We came up with a consistent strategy formulation, production, and development and brand re-definition associated with the renewal.


      We worked to not only strengthen its existing value as a service provider, we also added a new value: Connection. Beyond the frameworks of websites, seminars and radio, we propose a service system in real place, also with focus on acquisition of new members, and strengthening relationships with existing members.

      We proposed a clear brand identity, VI, such as tag-line services and logo (visual identity). In terms of the design of the website, we proposed readability across multiple devices with focus on ease of use and accessibility. We also chose Ming as the main font, with focus on the details of of the design, to promote the brand of WISDOM, expressing dignity, intelligence and clarity.

      A visual identity guideline was created to maintain and strengthen the brand management of the website.

      At the same time, we upgraded the server to Cloud and introduced a new Content Management System(CMS). As a result, we are able manage and update content, such as text and images, all in one CMS, sharing the same data pool and displaying only what is needed across various devices, overall, improving efficiency and workflow.


      NEC Corporation




      TESPRO Inc.


      Junya Abe(Pr, CD)
      Sho Kuwabara(AD, Ds)
      Yukiko Sugiyama(ME)
      Shinji Yamaguchi(PG)

      Launch Project

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