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      Monex FX, Inc.
      Corporate Site


      Monex FX, Inc. Corporate Site

      About Project

      Undertook the rebranding and full-renewal of the corporate and service sites for "Monex FX, Inc."


      We broke down and reconstructed each service content which used to be independent and unified them to the main site. Also, to solve the problem "too much information to reach one's target content" in the old site, we simulated behaviors of the target users and reorganized lead tracks to reinforce user behaviors.
      We created a new knowledge-centered content for FX for the user to use the site in a long-term.
      Installed LOP (Landing Page Optimization) to a home. Besides, we renewed UI also installed an entry support and validation function to various entry forms, based on our user test, in order to improve the usability and for users to be able to complete a request in a short-time.
      In terms of the operation, we installed CMS which not only did it reduce the operational stresses but also improved operational flows that were over concentrated with maintenance.


      Monex FX, Inc.




      FLATz Inc.


      Katsuaki Utsunomiya(Pr)
      Junya Abe(Advisor)
      Hiroshi Naekagawa(D)
      Atsushi Takahashi(AD)
      Masanori Kondo(TD)
      Masato Yamaguchi(Ds)
      Yoko Hananano(Ds)
      Sho Kuwabara(Ds)
      Yukiko Sugiyama(ME)
      Hiroyo Kida(Pg)

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